My first introduction to webcomics was through Newgrounds.

In the event you aren’t familiar with NG, it was kind of like YouTube before YouTube in the sense that it was a collection of flash animations, games, etc that were all submitted and rated by users.  I’d spend hours and hours watching amateur cartoons and I decided that I wanted to be an animator.  Through one of the cartoons there, The Bard’s Song, I found two things: one was Blind Guardian, a metal band whose song was used for the animation, and the other was Dominic Deegan, a webcomic created by the animator.

I was instantly hooked.  It was a serialized comic, online, totally free, and was regularly updating.  I found more strips as time went on, mostly videogame related like Penny Arcade, VG Cats, GU Comics, Fanboys, etc.  They were all super cool, so I also decided that I wanted to have my own webcomic.

There were a few attempts that didn’t get off the ground.  There was a strip called More or Less that I made a horribly rudimentary website for, and then System Crash Total which I was the artist for, a friend named Brendan was writing, and another friend Igor was making the website.  In college, one of my roommates Paul and I had come up with just strip title of Assassins Anonymous but things never went further than that.

Right out of college in May 2010 I was pretty directionless but there was one thing that had just started that would give me some amount of professional routine.  Oft-mentioned Richard (who I also met in college) got me writing a few articles for a video game media website and after a couple months I pitched that I wanted to make a comic strip as well.

Boom, Corpse Run started.

Well, it’s about twelve and a half years later.  Corpse Run moved to its own site pretty quickly after the first handful of strips.  In that time I’ve met a lot of neat people, had a lot of fun on doodle streams, had fun on game streams, the whole “How Applejack Won the War” thing was cool, I’ve developed a lot more in my professional life, I got married!

Things are so wildly different now than they were when this began and I think it’s time, at least for a little while, to move on to something else creatively.  Maybe it’s going back to casual streaming, maybe it’s making videos again, maybe it’s something else entirely.  I don’t know what I want to do next yet but I’m exited to try something new.

Richard, thank you for getting me started.  Bill, thank you for swooping in from left field and making me a much much much better and more useable website.

Thank you for sticking with me for the last twelve years.

I love you all more than I can describe.

This isn’t the end of Corpse Run, I’ll be around and doing something or other, you can find me on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter.

Thank you all again and I’ll hopefully see you soon!