The comics that yours truly loves to read!

  • Awkward Zombie:  Snazzy-pants comic by the incomparable Katie Teidrich.
  • Penny Arcade:  If you’re reading my strip, chances are you already know what Penny Arcade is: one of the best gaming strips out there.
  • El Goonish Shive: A fun and wacky story comic with a dose of TF hilarity.  Non Gaming.
  • Dominic Deegan: The strip that introduced me to the world of webcomics.  Non Gaming.
  • Ozy and Millie: Simply put one of the best webcomics ever made.  It no longer updates (the story is now complete), but check it out if you’ve never had the pleasure.
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Pants-soilingly hilarious and intelligent at the same time.  Non Gaming.
  • Patbird and Galesaur: An adorable look into the lives of a bird and a dino destined to love each other.  Non Gaming.