I don’t believe in ghosts or whatever, but I do like creepypastas, and this one is pretty boss. The story is super cliche considering a mysterious old man is the source of the haunted game, but I think the videos that accompany the story more than make up for this fault.

One of the things I love about gaming stories in particular is that they force me to dust off the old cartridges and relive childhood memories. This specific case was no exception; for the first time in at least 5 years, I removed StarFox 64 from my N64 and popped in Majora’s Mask.

The game loaded up, I created a new save file, and…

Remembered why I didn’t like Majora’s Mask in the first place. Now, before you start hating on my dislike for the game, hear me out. I absolutely love the fact that there are a million sidequests that flesh out the world. MM achieved the rare distinction of being one of the few games with a world that actually felt real. Termina was a living, breathing place populated with characters that had hopes, dreams, and pet peeves just like the rest of us. Completing all the mask quests was fun as hell because it allowed me to explore every inch of Termina both physically and mentally.

My issue with that game is the actual dungeon crawling. I feel like Zelda is at it’s best when Link is wading around, waist-deep in shit in some cavern trying to find boss keys. So first off, MM is seriously lacking in the dungeon department having only four major mazes. Second off, there’s so much required faffing about bullshit between the dungeons that I get bored fast.

Again, I generally like the Clock Town nonsense, but not when I want to get my dungeon on. It’s bad enough that there’s so little dungeon crawling to be had, but it’s entirely something else when a mute boy is tasked with solving everyone’s social problems. I feel that if the two were kept more separate, MM would have been a better game.