“So let me get this straight. You’re asking your readers to know that Mario Paint had a music program and have seen the movie Amadeus to get this strip?”

That’s what the web producer at www.crispygamer.com had to say when I explained this strip to him yesterday. I considered my reply carefully, and ultimately said, “I demand a lot from my readers.”

Now, on the off chance you haven’t messed around with Mario Paint’s music program or if you haven’t seen a particular movie from 1984, consider today’s comic strip as a golden opportunity to familiarize yourself with both.

Mario Paint had a ho-hum art program, but the thing I always played with when I was yonger was the music program, which allowed you to compose tunes on the console. Sure, the notes didn’t sound like real instruments, but that hasn’t stopped people today from making some sweet compositions.

And then there’s Amadeus, which may or may not be my favorite movie of all time. If you don’t have the time, or the awesome, to sit down and watch this movie, the particular scenes I’m refrencing can be found here (ending at 2:28) and here. However, if you do have some spare time, I highly recommed giving Amadeus a watch. It wont have the any action, or explosions, or anything like that, but what it does have is solid acting and a plot that while often comic, is also deeply haunting.

One last thing. I just wanted to give a shout out to Alex Stephenson ofwww.narcolepsyinc.com for linking Corpse Run in a newspost last week, it was much appreciated.