Couple of things. Just wanted to start by giving a shoutout to everyoe who voted for Corpse Run during the Kotaku newcomers contest. We didn’t make it in this time, but hell, CR is really in it’s infancy and having the support that it did was totally awesome.

Outside of immediate family and friends, a special mention goes to Banana Girl, the banana suit clad hero who comes to the aid of all who ask, and the terminally weird. I do believe I fall into the latter category. Banana Girl and company quickly put up this video in an attempt to garner votes, and even dressed up in Times Square to spread the love. With that in mind, all of the muffins of the week awards that I’ve neglected to hand out go to her, and all of you who lent Corpse Run some support.

It’s no secret that I currently work in retail as my day (and often night) job, which puts so much random humanity on display that I think I might be a qualified anthropologist. I’ve seen quite a bit of nonsense already, but something this past week stands out.

An elderly man was looking at internet-capable TVs and lamented that not every movie is available for streaming on Netflix. I responded that, while his assertation was true, it did not matter, as the best movie ever, Amadeus, was in fact available. He asked me what Amadeus was. My response was immediately cut off by a terribly large and scary looking man exclaiming “Amadeus is AWESOME! The music, the acting, Abraham, Hulce… INCREDIBLE!”

And then he walked away, never to be seen again. I know film is a medium that surpasses all classes, races, etc, however it is my firm belief that a man with as many scars as that man had should not only not know what Amadeus was, but should have punched me in the face for uttering the name of any movie that isn’t Rambo.

Just goes to show you that Amadeus is that good. Go watch it sometime.