In the future, mental care facilities will have a draft where they select the past year’s craziest and most insane citizens to join their ranks.

I firmly believe that I will be the number one pick that season.

Rarely do I laugh out loud while drawing this strip; normally I’ll smirk, or laugh quietly to myself (lqtm), or something like that. Today, I could barely finish the comic due to uncontrollable giggling followed by equally uncontrollable guffawing. I post today’s strip with the full understanding that nearly everyone who sees this strip will think “wtf was that” and move on.

However, if you laughed at today’s strip, you and I have the exact same sense of humor.

Which may or may not be healthy.

If you don’t have a clue about what this strip is refrencing at the end, click here to be informed!

Something else that occupied my time today was watching this. The poor gentalman voicing the video has taken an enormus amount of his valuable time to produce a series of videos depicting a complete playthrough of Superman 64, which is widely considered the worst game of all time. His commentary is informative and generally entertaining, so if you have any interest in watching the shittiest of the shit, then I suggest you take a look.