This past week was an interesting one in terms of customer interaction:

1. Old man is watching a TV playing the final scene of Happy Feet, where thousands of penguins are dancing in unision. The guy turned to me and remarked, “That’s a lot of pidgeons.”

2. Numerous customers asking if it was alright to purchase TVs solely for the Superbowl and then return them after the game for a refund. I said that their conscience would have to decide that one.

3. Customer talked to me about the Jets losing the AFC Championship game. I said that they must have been mistaken, as my good friend Johnny Walker confirmed for me afterward that we had won.

Speaking of the Superbowl, congrats to the Green Bay Packers and their fans for winning their first title in 14 years. I’m sure victory tastes sweet, but be warned, my Jets are coming for you next year.

And on a gaming note, one of the Superbowl commcercials featured a new android phone that will double as a gaming system. The unit itself looks more or less like a PSP Go, and should be a heavy hitter in the constantly changing mobile market.