In the world of calling big box electronics stores for tech support, often times no one is happy. I plan to break that trend.

Three nights ago, a crazed woman called the store that I work at and started demanding that we allow a return on a TV she had purchased. Despite her constant yelling at me, I explained to her all of her available options, and let her know how long each one would take.

Naturally, she started yelling at me some more, claiming that I was unwilling to help her, and that I, which is to say me personally, should travel to her home and pick up the TV for her. I calmly explained that that was not an option, and that she would have to return her TV on her own.

And then she exploded, cursing and calling me and the store a number of things that I wont type here. At this point, I very easily could of hung up on the lady, she was threatening me, after all. Instead I asked her what exactly was wrong with her TV. She said she was connecting a computer to it and all she could see was a galaxy.

Oh, it’s a god-damned mac.

“Go to the display settings and hit ‘Mirror,'” I told her.

She slammed the phone on me.

Five minutes later my phone rings again.

“Ummm, hi. I called the store a little while ago and was talking to a home theater associate-“

“That was me.”

“Yeah, I’m really sorry for treating you the way I did. I shouldn’t have yelled and called you names. I feel really bad about that. The mirror thing worked just like you said it would.”

Freakin lady called me back to apologize about how much of a bitch she was. I wanted to cut my time with her as short as possible, so I thanked her for the apology and said my goodbyes. HOWEVER, she only felt bad because she got what she wanted. If I didn’t happen to fix her problem, you can be sure she would have gone around telling all her friends and family what an asshole I was.

My head hurts.