Seriously what the heck there are too many games that have this trope and it’s super creepy.  Not that I want to defend Dragon Quest 11 doing it, but at least that game’s “adult in a child’s body” was actually a physical adult that like, got cursed with a kid’s body or something.  Why does Trials of Mana feel the need to have a fifteen year old in a six year old’s body?  Why does she need to talk like a toddler?  Who is creating these characters?  Why do they think this is a good idea?  What the absolute heck?

I was playing it on stream a week or so ago and while complaining about this, someone mentioned that I was complaining about a game from the 90s since ToM is a remake but like… that was wrong in the 90s too.


Edit: I realize that I forgot to add a TV remote to Dan’s hand in the first panel.  Instead of fixing it, I will leave it as is as a testament to my derp.