First off, yesterday was mother’s day. Love you Mom.Now, working the job I have is very often a challenge. Not because I have a lack of knowledge about technology, but because the customers I get very often assume that I’m out to rob them. More often than not I’m seen as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, ready to pounce on their wallets at the drop of a hat.I am not that kind of person, and never will be. However, I will be yelled at and accused of evil things regardless, ultimately leading to the feeling that I’m not appreciated.Bethesda, in an awesome move, decided to give away free copies of Brink to employees of certain retailers, including the store I work at. I like free stuff, especially free games, so I quickly went to their site to see what the deal was.The deal was less than awesome: you get the free game… if you friend them, tweet them, sign up for their newsletter, watch their videos, and answer trivia questions.

Long story short, I’m a whore. Chances are my PC is too old and shitty to even play Brink, but free is free, and I want my free game, goshdarnit.

In other news, I went to the Reddit NYC meetup in Brooklyn earlier today and briefly got to meet Zach Weiner of the totally awesome Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Upon saying hello, Zach immediately asked me for a high five. I obliged. We didn’t speak for long or anything, but he was a pretty awesome dude. Chances are you already know of his strip, but if for some reason you don’t make sure to happen on by and check it out!

Finally, I’m going to start a sketch/randompics section of the site called Kat’s Korner. I’d like to state that I am not Kat. Kat is an awesome friend of mine that I had met in college who would routinely ask me to draw stuff. Since Corpse Run has been running, she’s been asking me to put up sketches and such, so the sketchpad section is named in her honor. Naturally, there’s not a lot there yet, but check it out from time to time for some morsels of randomness.