Alright!  I’m alive!  I’ve survived a minor surgery!  How minor?  Super minor!

I still can’t work out or lift anything for a little bit which is annoying but I’m otherwise ok.  Thank you for your patience the last week, today’s strip was the one I intended to have ready for last Thursday which was the day of my surgery, but it was a wild three days of work.  There was little video we were making that was initially like a minute long, but it then turned into six minutes and had to be made in four languages and it took a lot of time.

A note from the surgery:

I am terrible at getting IVs.  Not like in the “oh no don’t stick that needle in me, I’m afraid” way, but in the once the needle is in my body just freaks the heck out.  My blood pressure apparently dropped to seventy over forty and one of the nurses joked that I was half dead, another that I was “sweating already”.  I was seeing stars, feeling super light headed, and slumping back in my chair.  One of the nurses informed me that was I was experiencing was called vasovagal syncope.  Generally, this is triggered by stress.  So while I’m outwardly like, hell yeah get that needle in me doc, I’m inwardly “naaaaa bro” and then my body goes haywire.  The doctor happened by and told the nurses to give me more fluids, but they responded that the flow was already open all the way.

Anyway after getting my blood pressure back to normal I was led into the operating room, a nurse holding my IV bag along the way.  She was kind of walking too fast though and I was afraid it was going to rip out of my arm so I had to do a hurried penguin shuffle to keep up.

Once I was on my Jesus inspired T table, the anesthesiologist asked me if I wanted to know when he put the knockout drugs in or to keep me blissfully in the dark.  I said to do what he normally does, and after a brief pause he goes, “Ok you have thirty seconds before you’re unconscious.”

I said, “Oh shit, we can’t waste this time, what do you want to talk about?”

…and then I woke up and the surgery was over.