In good news, my sister got engaged this weekend and there was a surprise party for her.

In less good news, it was outdoors and we were hit with a rainstorm that left us scrambling to take down decorations and sprinting to cars with coolers of food in heavy rain and lightning.  This was basically the first time Victoria and I have seen a semi decent amount of people at the same time (like ten total) and we got completely soaked.  Also, it was like over ninety degrees that day and if you had told me that morning I’d be shivering and turning up the car’s heat full blast later I definitely wouldn’t have believed you.

One interesting thing of note – we were on a lakefront for the party and some rando walked up to us before the rain and asked us to check the weather report.  Someone did and told the guy that it indeed looked like it would rain.

“Ah,” he said, “I think I’ll go over to the other side of the lake then,” before strolling away.

This was not a large lake, maybe like 100-150 yards…

the weather is going to be the same on the other side, dude.