Ok so I guess I’m frustrated.

Like, we have a vaccine.  That should be it, pandemic over.  Everyone who is eligible and able to take the thing should do it and boom, we’d be at herd immunity and life could genuinely go back to normal.  Unfortunately there’s a sizeable portion of the population that is completely fucking stupid and think that their homeschool research is worth more than the consensus of the global medical community.

Due to these complete shitheads we’re seeing spiking rates of a new variant and everything is jeopardized all over again.  I see people in my apartment building not wearing masks despite signage saying that masks are required.  Some folks in the grocery stores are maskless as well and it’s infuriating.

When it was initially announced that people could go maskless if they were vaccinated, I was immediately concerned since we all knew what would happen: the idiot unvaccinated masses of the US would not wear masks while the folks who did get the shots would still wears theirs out of an abundance of caution.  Here we are now with rising infection rates…

…gee, I wonder which group of people decided not to wear masks?

Part of me wants to put the majority of the blame on the people at the top who profess anti-vax/anti-mask sentiments, but honestly this is one of those situations where I’m more pissed at the regular dude on the street.  It’s so easy to get vaccinated and wear a mask.  Anyone with more than two functioning brain cells knows that the vaccine is safe and effective.  However, half the country is comprised of imbeciles who care so little about their neighbors that they are willfully ignoring science, putting everyone around them in danger, and making the pandemic last longer than it ever should have, all the while complaining that there are still pandemic restrictions.

That’s just unacceptable and I don’t know what to do to convince these idiots.

Anyone who’s about to tell me, “You can start reaching them by not calling them names,” can take a hike.  This has been going on for well over a year and the data is clear.  There is no excuse not to be educated on this topic by now and there is no more research that these people need to do.  Get vaccinated.  Protect your neighbors.  If they still think that they know better, they are idiots, they are assholes, they are insane, they preach death, they are willfully spreading disease, they don’t care about anyone but themselves.

This is what evil looks like.

They are evil.

Anyway, here’s a promotional vaccine poster featuring Risk of Rain 2… surely this will help convince people to do the right thing.



…and just like that someone tried posting a comment spreading misinformation regarding the efficacy of the vaccination.  This person is a moron.  Just like any other vaccination, it is not 100% effective; it is not a magical, mystical forcefield that makes you invincible.  That said, this commenter claimed that the vaccine does not reduce spread of the virus, which is of course incorrect.  If someone is making a statement like that at this point in time, they are willfully ignorant and should be completely ignored.  Get the vaccine, don’t spread disinformation.  If you peddle shit like that, the blood is on your hands.


EDIT #2:

So what appears to be the same attempted commenter has tried to comment again saying that since vaccinated people can still contract the virus the vaccination does not stop the spread.  Again, this person is a fucking moron.  As stated before, the vaccine is not 100% protection, it is certainly possible to contract Covid even if you’re vaccinated.  The point is that the vast majority of people will be safe and not get it, so the more people are vaccinated, the quicker we will reach herd immunity.

A couple of notes to this commenter:

  • Get vaccinated and stop spreading disinformation
  • Referring to folks as “democrat mucky-mucks” shows just how evil you are.  This isn’t about Democrat vs Republican, this is about protecting people and saving lives.  It doesn’t matter who we’re protecting, everyone should be able to live safely regardless of political affiliation.  I never mentioned political parties in this post so I’m not sure why you’re doing that.
  • Finally, you’re using the name “Anon”.  If you’re so confident in what you’re saying, put your name to it instead of hiding behind internet anonymity.



Ok this is the last time I’m going to address this dude.  He treats me saying that the vaccine isn’t 100% effective as some kind of “gotcha moment” as if the CDC hasn’t publicly shown data that (per the CDC website) “receipt of Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines was 94% effective against COVID-19 hospitalization among fully vaccinated adults and 64% effective among partially vaccinated adults aged ≥65 years.”  The point is that if we all get the vaccination, we can reach herd immunity.  I’m sorry you are unable to grasp this concept.

Finally, the commenter claims that I’d like them to put their name on their comment because I want to harass them in real life.

First off, what the absolute heck.  If you think real life harassment is something someone might do after a disagreement you’re absolutely insane.  I’m sorry that you live in such fear of everyone around you that you think we’re all out to “get you”.  The reality is that no one is out to harass you, you came and posted here.  It would have taken you zero effort to not do that.  You come here, try to post disinformation, and then when you get called out for your nonsense you turn tail and claim that I’m a bully and a tyrant.  World class mental gymnastics.

Second, my plan was initially to make a stupid joke of “Cool, now I know who to nominate for the Nobel Prize since you appear to know more than the global medical community.”  So I guess with that in mind, I nominate “Anon” for the Nobel Prize, since they know just so gosh darn much and we should listen only to them for guidance in the face of a global medical event.

So in conclusion, get vaccinated, don’t spread disinformation, and don’t be an absolute selfish moron.