Apologies again for being so out of it recently with all the missed Wednesday strips for the last few weeks and not streaming for a while either.  Hopefully I’ll be able to fix that, I’ve been weirdly out of it for a while and while everything is ok, I’m just like… tired often.  There’s been a lot of days where I just want to do nothing more than crawl into bed and space out, and I’ve been giving into the urge recently.

Also, Victoria and I watched Rava and the Last Dragon last night and while it was an enjoyable experience there’s something that happens in it that is so inexplicably confusing in that there were multiple setups for something that never got paid off and as the credits rolled I could do nothing but think about how much of a missed opportunity it was.

Like, was this on purpose?  Was there something I missed?  I don’t want to say anything here since it’s a spoiler of sorts but… wat.