This might be weird but I get super sentimental over physical objects.

Like, really sentimental.

So after my Cintiq 21UX that I bought used in 2010 started having compatibility issues, I was a little bummed since it was starting to hit me that I might want to look into getting a newer model.  Back when I initially got my 21UX I was right out of college and used was really the only way I could go.  On the final day of the Ebay auction, I got panicky when I was outbid with a few minutes left to go and ended up getting into a dumb bidding war.  Suddenly the price jumped $400 more than I really wanted to pay and I felt incredibly stupid.

Considering that it’s been with me for a little over eleven years since then, it was worth every penny.

It still works like a champ, but there haven’t been any driver updates since December 2015…

…but I plan for it to have a good new life!  There’s an artist friend of mine who’s incredibly talented that I’m hoping will take it, and if not her then I’ll find a new home for it to go to.

It’s been too much of a warrior to not make sure that it’s trucking on until the very end.