So interesting thing about making this strip:

There was a windows update I ran earlier this week and normally when I run those a bunch of my settings get messed up.  This time, everything seemed more or less ok, but the idea for this strip popped into my head anyway.

I was sketching this strip however, I hit a hotkey on my Cintiq remote set to a transformation function and it wasn’t working.

Oh, I figured, I must have forgot to turn the remote on.  After making sure it was on, I hit it again.


Huh… maybe the update wiped my Cintiq remote custom settings.

Nope, checked those and they looked untouched.

…did something happen to my Photoshop hotkey settings?

After checking, yes, yes something did.

I’m not sure how, but for some reason my custom key combination for the flip horizontal transformation was gone.

It probably wasn’t Windows Update that caused it, but I’m not sure it wasn’t.