It’s been a wildly busy last three weeks of work.

Week 1 – Work on educational animation that released this past weekend

Week 2 – Finalize two interview videos

Week 3 – Finalize educational animation, after most of the work from Week 1 had to be tossed since the voice recordings were redone and all the timing changed

Then, on Wednesday I think it was, my little grippy trainer thing broke on me and I was like… well of course that would happen…


One of the things that’s weird about being a video editor who primarily works with interviews is that I listen to the same person say the same thing over and over again for months at a time.  You pick up the subjects’ mannerisms and quirks and it’s intimate in a way even though there’s only one person present in the moment.

So Week 1 and 3 were especially weird since I was one of the voice actors on the project so I had to listen to my voice over and over again saying all the same stuff…

…it’s bizarre.

Anyway… here’s to you, grippy trainer thing.  You lasted like, I dunno, two years.  The new one arrives Monday, THE GRIPPY TRAINING MUST CONTINUE!