Ok so I’ve finished the first four seasons of Game of Thrones.  Neat.  I’m a binge watcher by nature and this show is easily binge-able.

I’m also at the part where Victoria says the show begins its slow (initially) decline into awfulness, which is a shame but also an exciting prospect.

Without going into any spoilers, here’s my take so far:

Seasons One, Three, and Four: Good

Season Two: Ehhhhhhhhhh with a few good bits

The biggest complaint I have so far is that the pacing often isn’t great and the story routinely gets super hype… but then is all like, “Hey, that hype thing?  We’re going to ignore it for a while.  Like, a long while.  Like, it’ll be literally hours of other content before we get back to that hype thing.”  I totally get that a television show wants to make sure folks are hanging around to watch, but it results in me detesting the less hype thing while I grudgingly wait for hype thing to return.  This does the “less hype thing” a disservice since I may have enjoyed it more had I not been all jazzed up to see a different storyline at that point in time.

Also also, some of the content feels like filler.  Victoria confirmed for me that there was something the books only alluded to that the TV show not only shows but stretches out for a decent portion of one of the seasons.  This is literally filler.  Hey, do we need to pad the runtime for this season?  Let’s add five or so scenes of [not telling you cause potentially spoilers].  Whyyyyy?

I don’t expect any adaptation to 100% adhere to its source material.  Frankly, I don’t want any adaptation to do that since different mediums require different narrative techniques.  That said… the creation of additional content that doesn’t progress the story feels… lazy.

Not lazy lazy…  I mean, they took the time to build those sets and write dialogue and hire the crew for those shoots, etc… but lazy in the sense that it appears that this content existed solely to make the season’s runtime similar to others.  A shorter season doesn’t mean they did less work; narrative efficiency is a good thing and tight editing is important.


…I’m mostly enjoying the show thus far and as I mentioned above, if it really does fall apart like everyone says it’ll be a shame.  The first four seasons (give or take S2 being mediocre) were really something fun.