I suppose I just don’t get it.  Like, I get that if you’re selling your house you might want to do some upgrades/remodeling to increase its value.  I also get that you might want to have an open house to show off your cool house to prospective buyers…

…but surely you’d want to finish those renovations before having the open house, right?

There’s one we went to this weekend where the owner was still in the middle of fixing/adding stuff, but there were holes in the walls, uncovered electrical sockets, etc.  One of the “finished” sockets had the hole cut so large that even with the socket cover there was a gap in the wall.

The coup de grace though was the shower.  The seller’s agent proudly exclaimed that they had just installed a brand new shower.  To their credit, they did, there was in fact a brand new shower…

…but there was no tub, no shower walls… had you turned it on, water would spray out onto the floor/toilet.

“Oh, so I guess this is still going to be finished later and there will be walls?” I asked.

“No,” said the agent.

Bro… if you have a shower head with no tub/walls, that’s not a shower, that’s a wall with a spigot sticking out of it.