So our house hunt has been continuing and we’ve been to a bunch of places now; some visits with an agent, some open houses.  What I’ve learned so far is this: the photos online are helpful, but they really don’t give you a sense of the space itself.

It’s been a pretty wild trip seeing homes that look super nice and roomy in the photos only to learn that in reality they’re horrendously designed coffins that have no space for anything.  There was a place we visited on Sunday that boasted having two “extra rooms” in the attic.

Now, I’m not a tall guy, but I couldn’t stand up in these attic “rooms”.  My wife is supremely not a tall person, and she could barely fit.  The stairs up to these rooms you literally had to crawl up and down on your hands and knees.  Not exactly sure how those rooms would be useable for anything other than small storage…

…anyway, when we see homes that have dealbreakers such as these we try to peace out asap.  Sometimes the homeowner or seller agent will try to get our info, but we’re like… nahhhhhh we’re gonna sneak out the back and leave around the side of the house… we definitely don’t want to get spammy calls for a house that’s like… welcome to death attic.