So I’ve been doing a little bit of Resident Evil VIII in an attempt to get back into playing games more often and while I’m slowly plodding my way through in bits and pieces it’s definitely fun!  Also I had a 3070 when I first played it; now that I’ve got a 3090 it’s a real visual treat.  All dat HDR and raytracing.

In totally wild and unexpected news, there’s a rhythm game called Friday Night Funkin’ and apparently there’s a pony mod for it.  Now, the crazy part is that one of the songs is a riff on How Applejack Won the War, the Sherclop Pones song that I liked and made a little cartoon of a while back.  It made me really happy to see that my small contribution to the MLP community (silly as it was) apparently hasn’t disappeared into complete obscurity.  Check out the clip from the mod below!


The creator’s YouTube can be found here.