I mean life would be without purpose if I didn’t make fun of myself…

…anyway, back to the computer adventure.  So after six hours on Wednesday trying to figure out what happened to my computer (which would only boot into the bios), here’s where I was at:

  • computer would only boot into bios
  • even when told specifically to boot from the boot drive, it would loop back to the bios
  • windows installation drive could not repair startup functions, roll back recent updates, or revert to a previous disk image
  • windows could not be reinstalled on the boot drive

The remaining nine hours that day I threw my hands up in the air, cannibalized an old SSD from my previous computer sitting in the closet, and installed windows on that.  The new installation was able to read my busted boot drive, BUT MY USER FOLDER WAS LOCKED DOWN AND DESPITE EVERYTHING ELSE BEING ACCESSIBLE I COULDNT ACCESS THE STUFF I REALLY NEEDED.

About an hour or two later I was able to get into that drive and then slowly copy needed files to dropbox.  I got to bed around 2am.

The next day I tried to wipe the boot drive and reinstall windows on it, but for some reason it was write protected.  Now, I learned a lot of stuff about how to remove write protection that day… but it turns out I didn’t need to.  After college roomie Chris suggested that I do a disk health check, the diagnostic was that the drive was basically borked and could no longer be written to…


So a drive to Microcenter and a fresh windows install later, I was back up and running.

…but oh my god what a hassle that was.