Apologies again for the lack of updates last week.  Ended up going to my old summer camp as a mix of helping out with one of their events and getting photos for their website.  Returned super tired and a little sick and was pretty wiped out.

Also, it looks like the recent web problems I’ve been having should be solved now that the site’s hosting has been changed.  Thank you Bill for helping out with all that!

Also also, I’ve started playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and thus far it’s infinitely better than 2.  The first was great but the sequel was just… okay with a dash of super annoying characters.  The third installment is just as campy and whimsical, but its tone doesn’t veer into overly creepy anime tropes so I appreciate that.

Hopefully it keeps that quality as the game goes on.

…that said oh my god they recorded like two lines per character for battle dialogue and the constant reuse is driving me up a wall.