The house-ening continues with a neat new TV.  Behold the new thing that I’m going to stare at too much.

In injury updates, my back is feeling a little better but my right leg is still like, weirdly messed up.  It doesn’t hurt a ton anymore, but it’s still partially numb which is becoming annoying.  Everything between my knee and hip has this dull numb sensation that I don’t really notice until I touch the area.  It doesn’t affect my movement that much, but it’s just… strange feeling?

Surely everyone is interested in hearing about my leg.

I should keep talking about my leg.

Also, I goofed a little here… the living room walls are off-white, not blue.  I don’t know why I thought they were blue.  The bedroom is blue.

We live in the bedroom too though, so I guess that’s kind of like a living room.