So the Overwatch 2 launch has been panned pretty hard across the board and I totally get it.  Blizzard claims that the server issues they’ve been having are the result of a DDOS and while that could certainly be the case, given the state of the last three years of basically no new content and the rough launch of the original game, it isn’t a great look.

Other than that, the game is fun, so that’s nice.

What’s not nice however, is that OUR STOVE EXPLODED.

After making dinner Wednesday, we heard a super loud popping sound.  I went to the kitchen and discovered that the oven was off.  Like, off off, no clock even.  The fridge was also dark.  I figured the breaker tripped so I went to go flip it back.

I flip it back and…


I run into the kitchen and the stove is like, sparking and arcing and basically on fire.

I run back to the breaker and shut it down.

Now, this oven was ooooooold.  Old enough that we were planning on getting it replaced in a few years.  We didn’t anticipate needing to replace it literally less than a month after moving in.

Also, previous homeowners… what luck for you.  That oven took them juuuuust to the finish line and died only once it became our oven.