Well, that’s all folks, the Space Shuttle program, which has been active since 1972, has launched its last mission. I’m sure that there will be future forays into space, but I’m alarmed by the fact that there is a pervading thought in this country that NASA is a waste of money.

Even if we never go to Mars or beyond, the space program has proved itself more than worth while not just by developing new technologies, but by inspiring kids to get into math and science. Also, it popularized Tang.

Could you imagine going through life without a glass of that stuff?

As you guys probably know, I often listen to music while making the strip. Today, however, was the U.S. Women’s World Cup quarterfinal match against Brazil, so I put that on instead. Instead of merely providing me with suitable background noise, the game itself was a wildly exciting match featuring numerous blown calls by the refs, and some incredibly bad sportsmanship by Brazil.

While up for the entire first half by a goal, one of our players got tossed out in the second, setting up a penalty kick for Brazil… which was blocked by our super awesome goal (with an equally super awesome name, Hope Solo). Unfortunately, the ref decided she’d rather see Brazil win, calling off the save and giving Brazil another crack at it. Goal Brazil. Tied up.

Playing down a (wo)man, we made it to the end of regulation, but Brazil scored in the early moments of overtime, giving our gals about 20 minutes to score a goal (again, down a man).

This is where things took a turn for the nasty. Brazil decided it would be neat if they flopped every time they were brushed up against. It appeared as though each Brazil was staging a contest to have the most inconceivable phantom injury.

Not to be out done by her teammates, this chick decided to fall to the ground when no one was around her. For minutes she stayed down, allegedly in so much pain that the crew had to bring out a stretcher and cart her off the field.

Tick tick tick…

Once she was finally strapped on, the moment the stretcher was off the field, she undid her straps and, as if Jesus himself touched her, hopped off and ran back out onto the field. The boos from the crowd presumably set off volcanic eruptions across the globe. I was raving mad and I don’t even care for soccer.

Despite all the setbacks the USA team faced, in the 122nd minute, we scored a goal and forced the game into penalty kicks, where we eventually went on for the thrilling win.

Here’s a link to the super flop again. Seriously, watch it. The whole thing. I will never be able to understand that kind of person that attempts to ruin a good natured sporting event with foul play. Disgusting.

Karma… get some, Brazil, you cheating @(!$^.