I know I say this pretty often (with alarming regularity, really), but I’m really getting the feeling that I’m going insane. Not throw excrement around while singing “Mary had a little lamb” insane, but rather the type of insane where my understanding of what is and isn’t appropriate has atrophied.

I need to get out more often and work those social muscles, my life depends on it.

So I had another super fun phone call today! Some high-school aged kid called the store and was asking about subwoofers. I said I’d be glad to help.

“Ok, so… I’m doing a science project, and I have to prove a theory.”

ooohhhhh here we go

“My theory is that very low and very high frequencies can damage hearing, and I-“

I decided to cut the kid off right there and told him that the frequency itself isn’t the cause of hearing loss, but listening to any sound at a loud enough volume could cause it.

“Well, that’s nice, but that doesn’t line up with my theory.”

“I’m sorry,” I said, “but I think your theory is wrong.”

Now, I’m not going to pretend that I’m some scientist or anything, but I feel pretty confident in saying that the only audio that can really damage your hearing is loud audio, not high or low frequencies.

I mean, let’s assume that high and low pitches did cause hearing loss. You mean to tell me that twice a year during elementary school hearing tests the New Jersey Department of Education was assaulting my fragile eardrums with their evil low hums and high whizzes?

After stating my opinion on the matter, things got weird.

“Ok, well, maybe not like, low and high pitches,” said the fresh, young lad, “but super low and high pitches.”

How do you mean?”

“Like…2Hz or like… a billion Hz.”

You can’t even hear those frequencies.”


At this point an actual customer had come to my desk, so I had to get off the phone. I get the feeling that this student will assume he is correct, and throw out any information he finds that contradicts his… theory. I also get the feeling that he’ll be throwing out a lot of info.

By the by, can you hear better than I can? Follow this link and test out how high a frequency you can hear! I could only hear up to 14kHz… my ears are apparently lame.

Finally, Peter Thomas of Aquatic Ambience linked to me on his site! Awesome… and thanks! Make sure to drop by his review site!