Short strip today, but fret not! There’s some behind the scenes work going on right now for the site, thanks enormously to an incredibly helpful and charitable dude that I will talk more about once the changes really get underway.

Also, Jackie and I had a bit too much to drink last night.

You ever get those text messages? You know, the ones that claim you won a million dollars, or can get quick and easy pay-day loans, or some other nonsense? I get them pretty routinely, but today I got one that read:

“Congratulations Greg! You’ve won the term books giveaway at the University Bookstore! An email has been sent to your address with more info. -University of Michigan-“

Now… obviously I’m not Greg. Second, I googled the University of Michigan Bookstore, and found no mention of any textbook giveaway… so…

Either there is some free book contest thing going on at the University of Michigan that is hidden from the internet, where some guy named Greg won, but they sent the winning text to the wrong number. If that’s the case, Greg (who is apparently pretty lucky) will have gotten the email mentioned in the text, and I’m sure he will get his free books.

Otherwise… some guy out there somewhere is sending texts to random people, calling them Greg, and saying that they won free books from the University of Michigan.

I’m prepared to accept either reality, however, if your name just happens to be Greg, you attend the University of Michigan, and you won a free book giveaway, please contact me as proof that the world is, indeed, quite small.