…This week has been a little hectic, my apologies for the update being about a half-hour later than usual!  GAHHH I NEED TO STAY ON SCHEDULE!!

Jackie and I have a natural ability to break things from time to time; within the last two weeks, we’ve knocked a small glass door out of a TV stand, and somehow the front cover of a kitchen drawer fell off.  While we’re pretty sure we know how to fix the door, the drawer cover has given us a bit of a problem.

It seemed to be fixed when Jackie used hot glue to put it back in place, and there it stayed for a while.  Two mornings later, however, I found that it had fallen again and was now resting on the floor.

Hey!  I thought.  I’ll use caulk!

For those of you who haven’t had the… absolute pleasure… of doing housework, caulk is a white foamy/gluey substance used along edges as a sealant.  I smeared caulk all over the drawer cover, mushed it up against the rest of the drawer, held it firmly in place for ten minutes, and then let go.

Clank.  It immediately fell to the floor, only now there were hundreds of strands of caulk hanging from the drawer, as if the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man had a little… you know what, I’m just gonna stop right there.

MOUSEWATCH:  Nothing really to report this time, all traps remain empty despite mixing it up with the bait.  Soon, Cheddar, soon I will catch you…