Before anybody gets the wrong idea and goes on a tirade claiming that I hate Apple stuff, allow me to explain that I don’t hate everything they make.  I don’t.  Really.  I recognize, however, that there is a limited library of applications that can run on Mac operating systems, especially when it comes to games.

I had a steam copy of Skyrim (which I managed to get the same way I got Brink) but my PC laptop was too crappy to play it.  Well, I take that back.  I was able to load up the game and I daresay it was beautiful… the frame I got every ten seconds, that is.

Not having a big ol’ desktop or beefy laptop to play it was bugging me.  So, I decided it was time to use Boot Camp and turn my Mac into an OSX/Windows super duper machine.  Now I can basically do anything that I need to on this thing.  Neat-o!

I thank Apple for providing easy to use software to make it happen.  Take this comic as some playful ribbing.

On Saturday I left my apartment around 10:30am, heading out to a friend’s place in order to play Twilight Imperium, an intergalactic politics/warfare game that I had played once before at the end of high school.  It’s a totally boss game that is requires tons of strategy, planning, and social suaveness.

I possess none of those abilities.

That said, the game is still really fun and if you ever have an opportunity to play, do so!  One caveat: the game is long.  Like, really long.  The vanilla version can take around 5-8 hours.

We did not play the vanilla version.

To make an incredibly long story short, it was around 1:00am when I began to wonder whether or not I should stop trying for my own objectives and rather help a further along player win.

By 2:30am the “End the game as soon as possible because we need to get home and getting home can take hours at this time of the night especially on a weekend train schedule coalition” was formed and in full swing.

By 3:30am, the game was mercifully over, we cleaned up the table and a trio of us headed out for the subway.  Naturally, my train took its sweet time to arrive; I ended up spending an hour at the station waiting around.  The wait would have been incredibly boring if it weren’t for a man standing a few feet away from me, holding a bouquet of roses and screaming at the top of his lungs every five minutes the train didn’t arrive.

At one point he actually came up to me to complain about how long our wait was.  Not wanting to rub the guy the wrong way (or any way, really) I nodded and said, “Yeah, those MTA jerks are really something.”  Apparently happy with my forced commiseration, he turned around, walked away, and began to swing his roses around forcefully enough that some petals were made airborne.

Eventually, the train came, I got off about ten stops later, had a twenty minute walk back to my apartment and settled into bed around 5:00am.  Eeeek!

One bit of information that you guys might get a kick out of.  In the 12+ hours it took to complete the game, I scored only one point.

On the final turn.

I’m awesome at board games.