This is a game that Jackie and I (and I assume many immature people) play from time to time.  We’ll start out innocently enough, with prompts such as “murder, marry, bang Disney princesses,” “murder, marry, bang the cast of The Lord of the Rings,” or “murder, marry, bang the cast of The Matrix.”

Then things get weird.

“Murder, marry, bang breakfast cereal mascots.”

“Murder, marry, bang the cast of Winnie the Pooh.”

“Murder, marry, bang The Backyardigans.”

I haven’t actually played this game with Dan, but I can say with almost without a shadow of a doubt that he would not like playing with me.  If you’re reading this, Dan, consider the gauntlet dropped.

MOUSEWATCH:  So mouse number 9 (named Queso) was caught this week and released.  He was a pretty easy one to take care of, so there isn’t much I can say about him.  What I can talk about, however, is mouse number 10 actually, I need to use the full word for this one, ten.  Mouse ten, henceforth named Sardo, was spotted in the kitchen while I was cooking.  The little guy was right on the edge of the sink and, once eye contact was made, bolted out of sight.

I’ve put a trap behind the sink for the time being.  We’ll meet again, Sardo, I know it.

So I’m in the last week of the NY Real Estate licensing class, and the silliness continues.  Submitted for your entertainment is this exchange between the professor and a student:

The professor was talking about how photos of apartments for rent and houses for sale should never contain any people in them, because if they are all one gender, race, age group, etc. the photo could be construed as having some kind of illegal bias.

“With pets it can be different,” he said, “anyone know if showing pets in a home picture is a good idea?”

A hand in the middle of the room shot up.  “It’s a bad idea,” a girl said, looking awfully sure of herself.

“Oh?  Why is that?” asked the professor.

“Because showing pets might be an illegal racial bias.”

I looked at her while she gave that answer, and I could tell that by the end of her sentence it dawned on her that what she said made absolutely zero sense.

We moved on only after the giggles from the class died down.