Hey, today is May 14th, 2012!  Know what that means?  It’s Corpse Run’s second birthday!


So with that business out of the way, it’s time to get into the meat of this post.  As many of you already know (or wouldn’t be surprised to hear) I am totally at a loss when it comes to proper “shooting the breeze” public conversation.

On Friday, I happened on by NYU’s Spring Animation Showcase to take a look at all the finished cartoons put out this year by the students.  I’d first like to say that the show was awesome and that everyone whose work was in the screening should be really proud of the job they did!  As I was leaving, however, I bumped into a friend (let’s call him Stan) who was talking to an old professor of mine (who was really awesome and definitely one of my favorite teachers during my time there… and we’ll call him Daniel).

We said our hellos… but then Daniel dropped this bombshell of a question: “How are you?”

Terrifying, right?

My brain was still in the process of finding the correct words when my mouth decided to blurt out, “I haven’t died yet!”

The phrase hung in the air momentarily, and then fizzled, lost in the sea of other guests’ conversations.

Daniel’s head slowly tilted to the side as his eyebrows furrowed.  “That’s… good,” he managed to say.

Stan, who knows that I often say totally stupid things, tried to cover for me, “How’s that going for you?” he asked.

Rather than rebound with general pleasantries, I dug my hole deeper.  “Actually, really well!  I’m on a pretty big streak, you see… twenty three years of not dying in a row!”

Suffice to say that even if my face didn’t turn red, I certainly imagined at the time that it did.  I excused myself as quickly as humanly possible and bolted out the door.

So if my professor happens to be reading this, I’m sorry for sounding like a complete buffoon.

Someday, I’ll be able to hold normal conversation.

LIVESTREAM UPDATE:  Livestream this week is tentatively planned for Thursday at 9pm est.  If there is any change I’ll let you guys know on the bar to the left and on twitter!