So Charles Carreon, the ludicrously insane lawyer who over the course of the past month dug himself a hole so deep that citizens of China could see how much of an ass he is finally dropped his suit against Matthew Inman (of The Oatmeal), the fundraising site Indiegogo, plus The American Cancer Society and National Wildlife Fund (the beneficiaries of Inman’s fundraiser).

Apparently Carreon can revive the suit in the future, but come on… who in the right mind sues The American Cancer Society?

It just seems like a lame thing to do.

To make matters hilariously worse, Carreon claims his month long (hopefully career ending) legal theatrics as a victory on his part.

This is not mutually exclusive from what I assume Charlie Sheen’s definition of “winning” is.

Maybe it’s a Charles/Charlie thing.

So yesterday the camp staff was practicing “lost swimmer drills” where, in the event of a potentially drowned camper/counselor, a dive team comprised of the camp’s best swimmers plunge down into the lake’s murky depths in an attempt to recover a body that can then (hopefully) be resuscitated.

Diving down 15-20 feet in a mostly opaque lake is pretty dangerous and can cause some injuries even while practicing.  There was an injury today…

but it was mine, and it wasn’t anywhere near the lake.  Dan was having some issues with the wi-fi in his cabin, so after lunch I went to take a look-see.  The router they had was being all finicky and whatnot, so I took it to my cabin to connect it to my laptop and see what was going on.

I don’t have a box spring for my bed up here, so my mattress lies atop a few wooden planks that go the length of the bed frame.

I had the lovely misfortune of sitting in an area where there were no planks, and promptly fell through the bed, twisting nastily before hitting the ground.  Back pulled.  Awesome!

I spent the rest of the day walking around with an ice pack held to my back with a belt, which, as you might imagine, looked ridiculous.  Unfortunately, my back is still killing me… GET BETTER, BACK!


On the plus side, Dan now has working wi-fi in his cabin… was it worth it?  Only time will tell…

On the silly side, during a day when the staff was practicing one of the most dangerous drills in camp, a quarter mile away the tech guy hurt himself while fixing a router.