You do it, don’t pretend you don’t.

You, like everyone else, will type “asdfasdf” into word/email to make sure that spell checker is working.  As a matter of fact, the “asdfasdf” that I already typed has the red squiggly under it.

Good thing; I was worried that spell check wasn’t working.

So camp is winding down now, we are officially in the last week of the summer!  Well… for the kids anyway… counselors need to stay for post camp, which lasts a few days.  Anyways, another one of my jobs up here is to be the slideshow guy, so I spend a lot of time running around the camp with a video camera in order to put a little movie together for the end of each session.

Tonight, like any other night, I was walking around with the camera… but then I had a fun idea.  At some point earlier in the year, I saw a video of a guy “trust falling” on strangers.  That is, he’d walk up to a complete stranger, say “trust fall” and immediately fall down.  The strangers, who had absolutely no attachment to the guy, more often than not caught him.

There are no strangers up at camp, but I figured this would be a fun thing to try out anyway.  I handed a camera to a friend and had him follow me around.

My first couple of trust falls were successful; despite being totally caught off guard, counselors were catching me before I hit the ground.  Phil, if you are reading this, you had the best catch of the night.

Good job, Phil.

Unfortunately, not everyone was so quick.  Our resident New Zealander, Kate, didn’t react in time; I fell towards her, brushed off her shoulder and hit the floor .

Now, I wasn’t making any attempts at keeping myself upright, I went totally limp and hit the ground full speed.

Bruises are super fun.

I don’t blame Kate, however, it’s all in good fun!