I have to imagine that, as time goes on, this problem is only going to get worse and worse.  For some reason completely outside of the mostly explainable world we live in, every electronic device made in the last decade has a little standby LED while it’s turned off.

My tv has one, some game consoles have them, my printer has one… heck, my fan has a LED to let me know when it’s on.  I know it’s on because it’s blowing air at me.

Every night when I go to sleep I am constantly struggling to clear my head of any thoughts and distractions, something which is nearly impossible with the lights.  By the way, the printer LED blinks.

%$#@ that.  Right in the… ink… well.

Or something.

On another note, a friend of mine (who happens to be a particularly amazing artist) suggested that I try soft shading in the strips as opposed to the normal two-tone colored sections.  I figured why not and tried it out this time around… which may not have been noticeable due to the fact that the last few panels are all darkened up.  Oops.

I thought the first two panels looked neat though, so maybe I’ll give it another go next time!

And now, story time!  People who attended the last livestream will be familiar with this.

I was at Rich’s on Thursday watching football, and during commercial breaks we were flipping through channels.  Eventually we landed on a WNBA game.  Although we continued flipping, we tried to think of WNBA players that we knew.

All I could think of was Candice Parker.  Richard, in a manner that could be described as less than confident, offered up the name Lisa Sparks.

We both agreed that Lisa Sparks sounded like a WNBA name and moved on with our lives.

Later in the night we happened upon the WNBA game again, and apparently the team that was playing was called the Sparks.  Suddenly we were no longer sure that Lisa Sparks was a real person, so I Googled the name.

Lisa Sparks is a person alright.  She holds the record for having sex with the most partners in one day, specifically, 919 men.  This… feat… was accomplished at The Third Annual World Gangbang Championship and Eroticon of 2004, which took place in Warsaw, Poland.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

From there, we spent a bunch of time researching other sex records because hey, if they recorded this one, surely they recorded more, right?

Suffice it to say that we found many unique accomplishments.

My favorite part about this nonsense was that all of this happened due to the fact that we didn’t know anything about the WNBA.  WNBA executives, let this motivate you guys to make some better advertisements.

Now, onto some housecleaning:

1.  If you were a frist time comment poster over the last few days and your comment didn’t appear, I apologize, that’s my fault.  Normally WordPress emails me when there are comments that need approval, but for some reason it hasn’t been lately.  However, I will make sure I check periodically from now on in order to get new commenters up and running as fast as possible.  Again, I apologize if you have been affected by this issue.

2.  Some of you guys during the livestream requested some of the doodles that were being… doodled. I am totally willing to send you them, but I can’t send them if I don’t have your email!  Hit me up at [email protected] if you want a larger version of a livestream doodle.