So this past week saw the debut of the newest Humble Indie Bundle, which still has some time left on an awesome deal!  You pay whatever price you want for some sweet games, so be sure to check it out!

Of the games in the bundle, I’ve put a small bit of time into Torchlight, which has been a total blast so far.  There is one thing, however…

I can’t count the number of times that I’ve shot or hit an enemy in the back, only for the game to tell me that the enemy “blocked” the attack.  Now, maybe I’m naive, but I have to imagine that you can’t block something if you aren’t looking in the right direction.  I mean, what did the guy block with, his unprotected flesh?

Isn’t that what I’m trying to hit?

This isn’t just limited to Torchlight, mind you; there are tons of games where stuff like this occurs.

By the way, just in case you guys think this turns me off to the game, it doesn’t!  Torchlight has been super fun and I can’t wait to play more of it.  The blocking issue just stuck out to me, is all.

If you happen to have talked to me about a phone upgrade this past week, this next bit is about you!

So someone I know was due for a phone upgrade this week and called me to ask a few questions.  After stating that she wanted to get the iphone 4s, I said that, despite the fact that I’m not an Apple fan, if you’re going to get an iphone, it may as well be the new one.

She responded with this beauty. “I’m going to get the 4s to punish Apple.”

Let me reiterate that: she’s buying the 4s to punish Apple.

I asked her what, exactly, was the logic to that.

“I don’t like the fact that they changed the connectors, it screws a bunch of people.  So I’m buying the 4s,” she said, paraphrased.

Naturally, I see the issue a little differently.  She bought the 4s mere days before the release of the iphone 5; chances are that after the new phone’s release, the 4s prices would be going down.  Additionally, with the newer, more desirable phone on the market, it would be harder for Apple to move more 4s units.

Therefore, she helped Apple empty out 4s stock while simultaneously buying it at a higher price, yet, according to her, she has punished Apple.

Finally, just in case any of you guys follow football, here’s a facebook exchange between me and ShawnDee (from the livestreams) after the Jets game yesterday:

  • Alex Di Stasi
    That… was a difficult game to watch. Tomorrow’s ESPN highlights: every possible angle of the Tebow fake punt conversion.
  • ShawnDee
    Don’t forget the divine guidance that enabled him to pick heads for the coin toss.
  • Alex Di Stasi
    And his divine head upon which Sanchez’s perfectly thrown pass doth bounced off of.
  • ShawnDee
    Yea, for it was then that Tebow carried thee on the beach.
  • Alex Di Stasi
    As accounted by Sparano 4:15
  • ShawnDee
    Lo, for it was written in the book of Rex that thy quarterback shalt be used only as a receiver and on special teams, yay.
  • Alex Di Stasi
    Take heed, sayeth he, as surely as Sanchez just drove down to thy redzone, alloweth them a Tebow play to lose seven yards. That is the true test of the LORD.
  • ShawnDee
    Take of this pigskin and eat of it . . . .
  • Alex Di Stasi
    for this is my body. Take this Gatorade and drink it, for this is my blood.
  • ShawnDee
    Man, this could go on forever. Our Tebow, who art in MetLife Stadium, hallowed be thy name. Thy sacking come, thy will be done [when Sanchez isn’t available], on the field as it was in Florida. Give us this day our daily handoff, and forgive us our benching you, as we forgive those who start you on their fantasy teams against us. And lead us not into the endzone, but deliver us from highlight reels not showing a ball bouncing off your helmet awkwardly. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever, or at least until you entered the NFL draft. Amen.
  • Alex Di Stasi 
    I think you just won the internet.
  Shawn… really has a way with words.  I demand that everybody show him some love.