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Also, tipsiness.

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So for the past couple of days I’ve (against my better judgement) put a bit of time into a FF13 run.  Despite a fantastic battle system, the phrase “Final Fantasy 13” can be used as a legal definition for the word “mediocre.”

But I’m not here to talk about that; I’m here to talk about the wardrobe.  It’s a JRPG, I get it, the characters have to be decked out in some crazy stuff.  What I’m taking exception to, however, is that the game’s costumes lack any kind of focus, there is no theme.  While I understand that everyone shouldn’t look the same, I contend than the cast members should at least look like they belong in the same universe as one another.

Case in point: Fang, who is working with a government agency filled with employees whose uniforms make them look more like robots than people, wears a very breezy, revealing outfit complete with light drapery.

For those of you who have played the game and say, “Well of course Fang wears that!” I say this: surely she had a change of clothes when she started working with the government, there’s no way that she wears that to work every day.  If she did, someone would come up to her and say, “Umm… Fang?  Listen… everyone’s noticed that you’ve been wearing the same clothes every day and… well… do you think you could come in wearing something that’s actually been washed tomorrow?  Also, please take a shower.”

Jackie happens to be playing FF10 at the moment, and when it comes to costumes, FF10 has two of the silliest costumes in the universe: garishly colored Titus and Lulu, queen of the way too many god-damned belts.

One final note, here are the results of the costume contest, the winners of which will receive a totally cool Derpigator pin!

First off, I’d like to thank everyone again for sending in their entries.  While at first there were no responses, the turnout skyrocketed (in my opinion, anyway) when I made the second call.  With that in mind, there weren’t nearly enough pins to go around.

To those that weren’t selected, my apologies, I really wish I had more pins to give out.  I plan on doing this again next year, and I swear it’ll be more organized (and possibly more prizes)!

So that leaves our winners who are (in no particular order): Liam B., Stephen R., and Shaeyera D!  Congrats guys!  I’ll email you to find out where to send the pins some time on Monday.

Thanks again to all those who entered!  I really loved the costumes/pumpkins/wood paintings, and am super appreciative that you guys took the time to send them in!