Alrighty, new year’s has passed and it’s time to get the stream started again!  Neat!  This year I want to keep the livestream schedule as regular as possible, so I’m going to try to keep them all on Fridays from here on out.

This coming week is busier than I was initially expecting, so the streams will start the week after!  So… first stream of the new year (provided I don’t die in the meantime) will be Friday, January 18th, 2012 at 10pm est!

Once we get closer to that date, I’ll post reminders and what-have-you.


Every once in a while I have a thought so silly that I giggle out loud while alone in public.  While walking out of the subway last Friday, I saw some “wet paint” signs and immediately started laughing uncontrollably.

I’m kind of a dummy like that.

I’m also a dummy for different reasons, one of which was witnessed this weekend.

My friend Mike turned 25 this weekend (happy birthday, Mike!) and we had a little shindig at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Atlantic Center.  Our initial order of wings included Mango Habanero, our favorite flavor.  The sauce is one of the spicier ones they have, but fortunately with bleu cheese it isn’t too flaming.

Unfortunately our order was messed up a little and no Mango Habanero wings arrived.  Tragic!  We circumvented the issue by asking for a little cup of the sauce for dipping, and all was well.  We ate, drank, and, as an extension of the first two, were merry.

Only after we asked for the check did I execute my fatal mistake.

There was still a fair amount of Mango Habanero sauce left in the cup and I, in one of the more idiotic moments I’ve had, made the completely intelligent decision to drink the sauce through a straw.

It was pretty difficult sucking up the thick liquid, and once the sauce arrived at the tip of the straw, it exploded and shot to the back of my throat.

You know how when you eat something spicy, it takes some time to notice the heat?  Not when the sauce is the only thing in your mouth, apparently.  Immediately everything was on fire, and it felt like rusty knives were dragging down my throat.

I reached for my water, but to my dismay, there was no liquid left, only ice.  Chewing it didn’t help much, so I just sat there like an idiot, periodically popping ice into my mouth while my insides turned to sludge.

The entire next day I felt awful and walked around hunched over and clutching my stomach.

So remember kids, the next time someone give you a cup of mango infused habanero juice, don’t drink it!

Unless you’re an idiot like me.