Unfortunately, Time Warner has decided that my upload speed this week will be:

As you might imagine, it’s impossible to do a livestream at this speed.  Over the past two days I’ve been doing test streams just to see what would happen, but the stream would shut down just seconds after starting.  Unfortunately, I will have to cancel today’s livestream (Friday, January 25th).  I’m super sorry about this, and apologize for the inconvenience.  

I spoke to Time Warner today about the issue, and they told me they’d send a crew out to fix the problem… on February 12th.  Hopefully we can get something done sooner…

Again, I apologize for the situation.


Just a reminder, the next livestream will be this Friday, January 25th, at 10pm est!  That’s like, totally soon and stuff!

If you’re interested in watching me doodle nonsense based off of your suggestions and listening to me ramble about what-have-you, come on down and watch!

The stream can be viewed here or here.  See you then!


Every time Link pushes a box into a hole, the box never drops until it is perfectly over the opening.  That’s nonsense, gravity should take over sooner, and Link should have to call in a contractor to fix the issue.

I confess, however, that might not make for a fun game.

In totally gross news, I opened my fridge today and was instantly met with an odor that at best could be called “offensive,” and at worst could be called “the most foul smell on the planet.”

Now, I’m often prone to hyperbole, but I’d lean towards “the most foul smell on the planet.”

Apparently I had some onions in the bottom drawer that decided they no longer wanted to be onions as much as they wanted to be liquid.  The red plastic mesh onion bag contained onion skin,  which, upon further inspection, contained not onions, but onion goop.  

This goop decided to spread out, covering the drawer and its contents in about half an inch of the stuff.


First things first; I removed some cans of anchovies from the drawer and washed the heck out of them.  Next, I had to remove the drawer and wash it in the sink.  This shouldn’t be so bad, I figured.

I’m never right when it comes to these things.

I remove the drawer, look at the newly uncovered bottom of the fridge and…

Oh lord.

I dunno the last time the “under the bottom drawer” part of the fridge was cleaned, but I get the feeling that it was sometime just before leaving the Magic Chef manufacturing plant.

On the plus side, it’s now a heck of a lot cleaner.  On the negative side, a part of me died yesterday.