Woah, it’s a livestream update!  There hasn’t been one of those in forever!  So, after a two week disappearance, the livestream is back on for this Friday, March 8th at 10pm est!

Come on down and tell me things to doodle, listen to me talk about nonsense, and then I’ll play some games and what-have-you!  Chances are I’ll have a drink or two that night in preparation for Jackie’s party this weekend, which I’ll get into shortly.

See you guys then!


I haven’t actually played any Zelda games recently, but I had this comic written down in my ever growing .txt file of ideas for a week or two and figured now is as good as time as any.

Outside of using the forward slash while falling to avoid damage (kudos to my friend Steve for pointing that out while I was talking about this strip on Saturday) Link seems to cheat death pretty often when falling long distances.

Take boss fight intros, for example.

I dunno how the guy does it, his legs must be made of steel or something.

So I mentioned that Jackie is throwing another party this weekend, but rather than it just be a random event, it’s actually her birthday this time around.  She loves having themed parties, and there will be a theme for this, although its the same theme for all of her birthday celebrations.

The theme is whiskey.

All the food must include it, for example Jackie is making whiskey BBQ ribs, and the only accepted form of gift is a bottle of whiskey.  As in previous years, there will be a blind whiskey tasting, and a whiskey exam.

Last year I was fortunate enough to make the exam, which you can view here!

I must say, it was really fun to make and would totally love to make a new one this year.  Then again, it was really fun actually taking the exam in years past, so I guess I’d be glad with either.

Can’t wait!