The next livestream will be this Friday, March 22nd at 10pm est and can be viewed either here or here.

A long while back there was a strip that was structured similarly, detailing screen-watching through the years.  There was something… ever so slightly dishonest about that strip: instead of the “normal” haired Alex you see, I actually tried the long hair thing in High School.

What High School me looks like in today’s strip is much closer to actual High School me.

Some guys can pull off long hair, and when I was around fourteen or so I totally thought I was going to be one of them.


It was a greasy, curly mess of stuff useful only for the construction of bird’s nests and nightmares.  Making the situation significantly worse than the train wreck it had become was my teen-stache, a collection of roughly 20 hairs along my upper lip that looked as if they were haphazardly glued on while I was riding a roller-coaster.

Lemme tell you, I was a looker.

Also in this strip is our old cat, Anoush.  This absolute beast of a feline died at 22 years old (I was in fourth grade at the time), and by the last year of her life was both deaf and blind.  I would probably have made Helen Keller jokes at the time, but I’m not sure if I was aware of who Helen Keller was by then.

Inappropriate jokes aside, here’s an Anoush story!

Every morning before heading out to school my sister and I would put out her food and water.  She would run over (ungracefully) and eat up.  One particular morning I left out her food, but she didn’t come running.

I walked around the house calling out her name… calling out the name of a deaf cat.

I wasn’t a very bright kid.

My sister and I searched the house and she was absolutely nowhere to be found; we were about to give up when-


There was a car just outside our house, honking away at something.

That something was Anoush, who wandered outside and decided she wanted to relax in the middle of the road, completely unable to hear or see the car honking at her just a few feet away.

That cat was awesome.


Alrighty guys, as mentioned above, the next livestream will be this Friday, March 22nd at 10 pm est!  I’ll be doodling your suggestions from the comments, telling any stories that come to mind, etc.  You guys know the drill at this point.

Chances are good that I’ll be playing more Borderlands 2 for the games portion of the stream.

The stream can be viewed either here or here.

See you then!