Alrighty folks, the next livestream is this Friday, March 29th at 10pm est!  I’ll be doodling your suggestions and chatting it up, all while the soothing sound of Disney music plays in the background.  Awesome!

For the games portion of the stream I think I’ll mix it up a little bit and play something other than Borderlands/Borderlands 2… not sure what yet.

It’s a mystery.  

The stream can be viewed either here or here.

See you then!


There’s probably a reason why Hyperion constantly resurrects the Vault Hunters they claim to want dead with their New-U Stations, but I’m not aware of what that reason is.  Perhaps someone will let me know in the comments.

Outside of a small portion of the game’s narrative, Hyperion should block them from using the New-U Stations, resulting in a final (i.e. actual) death for the heroes.  Any other point in the game, I’m at a loss.

What I do know, however, is that Handsome Jack isn’t a fan of the pretzels in the company vending machines, and might be willing to do anything to improve his salty snack prospects.

For anyone who saw Kat’s Korner yesterday, you might not be surprised to know that Kat is back in the city.  Sweet!  On Monday, Jackie, Kat, Francis (previously unmentioned), and I hung out, played some board games, and ate super awesome Halal cart food.

Double sweet!

While we were all together, my sister called and, once I mentioned that I had company over, had this say,

“Who?  Who are you with?”

Apparently my sister is under the impression that I have no friends and never do anything.

“Kat, Francis, and Jackie,” I responded, “here, talk to Francis.”

I hovered the phone in front of Francis.

Total silence.

Well played, Francis, well played.