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As far as I’m aware, I’ve never actively tried to impress a girl by showing off any talents or gadgets or what-have-you.  Part of that stems from me not possessing any neat talents to show off, and the rest comes from the fact that I’m a puny noodle armed dude that won’t be wooing anyone based on my physical prowess.

That said, if I tried to impress someone, I’d have about as much success as Link has in the comic above.

A note on the item Link uses in the strip, the beetle: it’s awesome.  It’s one hundred percent totally useful and awesome.  By tilting and rotating the Wii-mote, you guide the little mechanical bug around the map, picking up items, knocking switches, cutting ropes, dropping bombs, etc.  Even when faced with a puzzle that doesn’t require the beetle, you can use it to safely scout around the area to search for a solution.

There is one problem, however.  In my short time with Skyward Sword, there have been a number of occasions where I needed the beetle to hit something and…

It.  Just.  Couldn’t.  Reach.

As the beetle flies around, it makes a little put put noise that, upon failure, struggles and dies out.  There’s probably some poignant message that can be learned from watching a little, overmatched underdog giving its all, only to fail just at the last moment but…

…watching the beetle in its death throes is too amusing.