The next livestream will be this Friday, May 24th at 10pm est!  If you missed last week’s stream and wanted to check it out (which you totally should in order to hear my friend Rich’s totally smooth, silky voice) you can watch it here:  part 1, part 2. (warning, there’s a volume spike in the first two minutes of part 2, watch out!)

See you guys then!


So my Final Fantasy 7 run continues, and there are a bunch of silly events that I either never noticed before, or had forgotten about.

The above strip is one such example.  Early in the game, just after Cloud’s party stowed away on Rufus’ ship heading to Costa del Sol, Rufus expresses some major frustration to Public Safety head Heidegger, chiding him for not catching Cloud & Company when he had the chance.

A day or two later, Rufus visits Rocket Town to talk to Cid about business, and Cloud is standing behind Cid, totally in Rufus’ view.  Despite his desire to have Cloud captured, Rufus doesn’t order his guards to take Cloud out.  He doesn’t even acknowledge that Cloud is there.

It’s like he never even noticed.

Sure, Palmer (a subordinate of Rufus) recognizes Cloud in Cid’s backyard, but you’d think that Rufus himself would have said something.

In another bizarre moment, while Cloud confronts Sephiroth in the Shin-Ra Mansion basement, Sephiroth asks if Cloud is “going to the reunion” or something to that effect.

Cloud’s response?  “I don’t even know what a reunion is!”

Tifa better get him a dictionary for his birthday.

Remember a little while back when I mentioned a local restaurant was trying to hide the fact that they had received a “B” sanitation rating?  At the time, I took a picture of where they displayed their rating:

There it is, in the corner of their large set of windows, nestled behind a bundle of bamboo.  It’s still “visible” but if you’re approaching from the right of the storefront, you can’t see it at all.

To their credit, they now have an “A” after re-inspection.  I wonder where they put their rating this time?

Ain’t that something?

So this place’s strategy concerning their health rating: have a less than desirable score – hide it as much as the law allows… have a good score – show it out in the open with no obstructions.

Maybe I’m nitpicking here, but it really bothers me that they were trying to hide the score until they got a better grade.  It just seems dishonest.

I’d love to hear what the owner’s explanation is for the rating’s change of location.

He/she could’t just say they tried to hide it on purpose, right?  There’d have to be some excuse.