Just a quick notice before regular post stuff, I absolutely love the most recent Patbird & Galesaur strip and think that everyone should check it out!  P&G is made by a totally awesome (and infinitely more talented than I’ll ever be) gal named Gale with whom I had the pleasure to go to college with.  If you’ve got some time, please take a look!


The next livestream will be this Friday, May 31st at 10pm est!  There were a few technical issues last week (cutting out, low picture quality, etc), so I’ll be testing some stuff before Friday.  Hopefully everything works as intended this time around!

If you missed last week’s stream and wanted to see it, you can watch it here: part 1part 2.

See you Friday!


Given that I played a bit of OoT during the stream and the fact that Rich and I finished up our Skyward Sword run last week, there was bound to be another Zelda strip sooner or later.  I’m pretty sure that anyone who’s ever played a Zelda game has, often ungracefully, missed catching a fairy only to touch it and absorb it’s health.

Oh, the joy of shared experience.

For those of you who’ve been reading this strip for a while (or have strolled through the archives), you might remember a segment of the blog posts that appeared pretty often about a year and a half back, a segment called…


Well it’s happened again, folks, we’ve got a mouse.

Codename Danish Blue (we’re going back to naming all our mice after cheeses) was first spotted by Jackie while in the kitchen, but initially left traces of his invasion in the living room closet.

By “traces” I mean poop.

We placed a trap (non-kill) in the closet, but have yet to successfully capture DB.  He had gone undetected for about a week until Saturday, when I spotted him dashing out from behind our TV cabinet.

If you have seen Danish Blue recently, know of his whereabouts, or have any information that could lead to his capture, please call our hotline at (555) 325-3686

Or, you know… leave a comment.

Finally, in news I’m totally sure is unrelated, there was a giant cockroach on our couch during taco night this past Friday.

Welcome to pest central!