In reality I wouldn’t make a big deal about someone else picking Yoshi in Mario Kart 64.

I probably wouldn’t even make a small deal about it.

That said, I really do prefer Yoshi; in a game where you’re constantly knocked around by random shells and explosions high acceleration/speed is a great combination.  Who needs the benefits of a heavy character anyway?

Players who actually know what they’re doing, I guess… I’m not very good at Mario Kart; Richard routinely kicks my butt when we play it.

…and when we play Kirby’s Dream Course… and Smash Bros…. and Mario Tennis… and Future Cop: LAPD… and pretty much every video game ever.

I’m also the dead weight in Gunstar Heroes…


Back on topic, character selection in Mario Kart was never a problem while growing up; my sister always picked Toad, who if I recall correctly (and I might have this totally wrong) had the fastest acceleration but had a slower top speed.

Who were your go to guys?  Not necessarily in Mario Kart, but any racing game/fighting game/etc?

Finally, a quick video from Saturday.  As a part of my job, I slap together slideshows at the end of each session for the kids to watch.  In order to make these, I spend a lot of time running around with the camp’s video camera.  While hanging around the tennis courts, my friend Laura (who doesn’t appear in the clip), took the camera and turned it on me:

Fun stuff right there.