Hey, just another note about the Kotaku Sunday Comics voting.  If you haven’t yet done so (and if you happen to desire), why not take a stroll to this link and lend a vote for Corpse Run?  It’d really mean a lot to me!  This comic is a really small operation (Corpse Run Headquarters = my bedroom) so any kind of exposure is super helpful.

If you’ve voted already, thanks!


aaaaaaaaaaaand it’s time for a


Alrighty, small change to the start time of this week’s livestream.  The next livestream will be this Friday, September 27th at 9pm est!  I’m changing the time a little because last week the stream ended at 4am and I was pretty pooped the following day.  I’m anticipating that the stream might be long this week, too.

Why?  Because we gonna finish Resident Evil 4, that’s why!  We last left off closing out business in Ramon’s spooky castle of fun, and now are headed straight for a mysterious island where the President’s daughter is being held.

Unless I’ve terribly misjudged how long that part of the game takes (when have I ever done that?) I’ll stream until the game is complete!

You can watch the stream either here or here.

See you then!


I’ll confess that the event in the comic above doesn’t happen very often, but enemies in Fire Emblem aren’t always clever when picking who to attack.  Many a time I’ve seen not just one, but a string of enemies all run straight at my toughest character, each getting KO’ed one after another, despite the fact that they had other options.

No wonder the main character is the world’s greatest tactician, everyone else appears to suffer from mental illnesses of varying severity…

…and taking into consideration what I did on Tuesday night, I do as well.

My favorite way to eat an avocado, other than guacamole, is simply by cutting it in half, pouring a little soy sauce in the middle, and scooping everything out with a spoon.  It’s tasty, fast, and one of the many foods that’s easy to eat in bed.

One I was finished, however, I didn’t want to leave the slippery avocado skins in the bed.

also didn’t want to walk all the way to the kitchen.

Naturally, I leaned over the bedside and put the skins on the floor, making a mental note of their exact location.

A mental note which was immediately discarded.

An hour later I sat up, swung my legs over the bed, stepped on the floor and-