Hey guys, the next livestream will be this Friday, November 22nd at 9pm est!  We finished up Tales of Symphonia last week, so it’s time to move on to a new game!

I don’t know what it’ll be just yet, but I’ll figure it out soon.

See you then!


In regards to today’s comic, there is nothing more creepy to me than when sitting all alone on the subway, someone comes in at the next stop and sits right next to me.

Every other seat is available… why… WHY?

It’s akin to someone using the urinal adjacent to the one you’re at when there are others available, or a stranger sitting next to you in a wide open movie theater, or a nearly empty doctor’s waiting room, etc.

It’s weird!  Also, uncomfortable.  Why uncomfortable?  Because you can’t get up and change seats after the guy sits down.  If you do, he’ll know the only reason you moved is because he sat next to you.

So you’re stuck.

In other news (some of which is creepy) I went out Saturday night with my friend Kristiyan to get some falafel.  We went to a place I had never been before, and according to Kristiyan, it was a hipsterish area and every time he’s gone there, he saw something strange.

“Like, this one time,” he said (paraphrased), “I saw this guy, with long hair and a beard, kind of like yours, but he wasn’t a bum.”

I’m a bum!  Wooooo!

Anyways, driving back was a bit… off.  We were stopped at a red light with two cars ahead of us.  Two kids walked behind the car directly in front of us, and started tapping on the rear passenger window.

“Oh,” I said, “Maybe they know the guys in the car?”

One of them took out a silver sharpie and started drawing on the window.

“Guess not.”

The driver tried to pull out of the lane, but was too close to the car in front of him an was unable.

One of the kids pulled back, wound up, and then kicked the car hard enough to be audible.

The light turned green, and the car sped away as fast as possible.  The kids ran off down the sidewalk laughing.

So… that apparently happens where I live… neat?