Somewhere out there, a friend of mine named Lima is eventually going to see this strip, and there’s a good chance that she’ll sigh or roll her eyes.

I think I’ve mentioned this before either in a blog post or during a livestream, that for some reason I’ve never been able to get through a day with her without “poop” (or other fecal words) coming up in conversation.  Granted, I’m not always the one that initiates the manure talk, but the moment it happens, Lima is quick to point it out.

Wendy is right, life is blood and this.

“This” being poop.

This is also the first Don’t Starve strip I’ve had the pleasure of making, and I must say, doodling beefalo is super fun!  Also, their manure makes for good fuel and fertilizer.

Don’t Starve, by the way, is a fun little game Jackie introduced me to where you are tossed into the wilderness and need to find/build food and shelter.  The outdoors is a dangerous place, however, as there are a number of wild creatures that will attack you, food that can make you sick, and the winter is coming on fast, ready to kill.

And at the end of the day, a Les Miserables joke.

This post is becoming weird.

Anyway, it’s really fun and if you get a chance to play it, do so!

I mentioned last week that I had made and then cancelled and order from Lenovo.  Apparently, the person who cancelled the order totally didn’t cancel the order, she just said she did.  Suffice it to say that it’s a really long (and ongoing) story, but here’s a quick recap of the nonsense I’ve gone through with them so far:

12/28:  Made the order and then (after a number of flaming hoops) cancelled it.

12/29:  The order’s status was still listed as active on the Lenovo website, so I called in that morning to see what was going on.  The rep on the phone told me the cancellation went through, and that the website can take some time to update.

That night I get an email from Lenovo saying the order shipped.

I talk to a rep that tells me despite the fact that I had an email from them saying it shipped, that the order status page said it shipped, and that UPS generated a tracking code saying it shipped, it “probably” didn’t ship because the authorized charge on my bank account had not yet been deducted.

12/30:  I call in the morning and speak to a rep who says that the order shipped, but not to worry because she would set up a delivery intercept on the package and it will head right back to the Lenovo warehouse.

1/1:  The UPS tracking code displays that the package is the next town over from me.

I call again, and speak to a number of extremely unhelpful reps before speaking to a supervisor named Derrick.  He sets up a delivery intercept (that actually worked), and the package will head back to Lenovo.  He also leads me to believe that the charge will not be deducted from my account, and that he will call me again in the morning.

1/2:  Derrick doesn’t call (nor has he since), and the charged amount is deducted from my bank account.

I call Lenovo’s credit card services and speak to a rep who is unhelpful, get transferred to a supervisor who is unhelpful, and then get transferred to a rep at the Post Sales team named Jacob.

I explain the situation to Jacob, and he tells me I’m exaggerating about the situation.  I explain that I’ve kept detailed records of my correspondence with Lenovo, and that Lenovo had provided incorrect information to me and did not perform the tasks they said they had.

I explain to Jacob that I viewed the removal of my money for a cancelled order as theft.  He said Lenovo was correct to take the money.

I asked Jacob if Lenovo would come after me with some lawyers if I had (erroneously or otherwise) taken money from them.  Jacob said they probably would.  I asked him why it’s ok for Lenovo to do it, why there’s a double standard.

“That’s corporate America,” says Jacob.

I’m still in the process of getting my money back from Lenovo, but I wanted to share this shortened version of the story with you.  I’ve never owned a Lenovo anything, and while I’m totally aware that not everyone who works at Lenovo is as terrible as some of the representatives I’ve had to deal with, I don’t plan on purchasing anything from them in the future, and I suggest everyone else do the same.

No matter how good their products might be, remember their slogan provided by Jacob:

“Lenovo, we screw up and take your money when we said we wouldn’t.  That’s corporate America.”