Whoa!  The livestreams are back!

The next stream will be this Friday, January 17th at 8pm est.

See you then!


What?  A Borderlands strip?  That hasn’t happened in a while.  I finally decided to finish up some of the DLCs that I had sitting around, which prompted some Borderlands love.

A few months ago I went through Captain Scarlett and, while it wasn’t horrible, it was pretty disappointing.  This time around I tackled the Sir Hammerlock DLC…

That one was pretty horrible.

But then I ran through Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep…

It was incredible.  Absolutely astoundingly amazingly incredible.  It features a nice twist to the already stellar Borderlands 2 gunplay while featuring a narrative that had me rolling with laughter while pulling on my heartstrings.

If you’ve never played a Borderlands game, it’s worth it just for Tiny Tina’s DLC alone.

A minor nitpick, however.  I guess this is less of a nitpick of the game than it is of how my brain processes information, but I constantly have issues when a boss dies and tons of items drop.  Each item has a glowing line rising out of it, it’s color related to the item’s rarity.

In order of rarity (low to high): White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Teal.

For health and money drops, those glow lines are Red and Yellow, respectively.

Nearly every time I look through a crowd of items, I’m so sure a Pearlescent dropped, only to find that it was a green, blue, and white item viewed from a funny angle.

The same applies for health and money, which leads me to believe that a Legendary dropped.


And now, a food story from last week that I never got around to.

I was making gnocchi last week and wanted some graded cheese to go with it.  Fortunately, there was a full container of Pecorino Romano in the fridge.

Expiration date: sometime during 2012.

The package was still sealed, and hard cheeses generally last a really long time… right?

I figured the expiration date was more of formality than a suggestion.  After pulling off the plastic seal and giving it a quick whiff, I decided the cheese was fit for consumption.

If my toilet could talk, it would tell you that was the wrong decision.

Expiration dates, folks… follow them.